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From the Author

I am an enthusiastic and imaginative author committed to crafting captivating children’s stories that ignite young minds. With a background in research and years of experience as a columnist, along with the privilege of guiding my own children through diverse stories and engaging with youngsters while reading to them, I have developed a deep understanding of what resonates with young readers and the power of positive narratives in nurturing their creativity. Through this journey, I have refined my storytelling abilities, creating narratives that not only captivate and educate but also fuel the imaginations of young minds. Fueled by my passion for writing and informed by insights into child psychology, I specialize in weaving tales that entertain and leave a lasting positive influence. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to channel my creativity and commitment into the role of a children’s storybook author.

Sheena Worthington
Children Book Writer


Seraphina's Dream Adventure

Publisher Amz Marketing Hub
Author S J B Worthington
Illustrator N Wathsala
ISBN-10 ‎1916798780
ISBN-13 978-191679878

What Readers Are Saying

Readers from around the world have shared their thoughts and feelings about Sheena’s books. Here are some of their heartfelt reviews:

I’m in love with this adorable book “Seraphina’s Dream Adventure” which touches children’s heart at any age. This is a magical story that kids will love! I strongly recommended all the way from Sri Lanka.

Nithini W.

Sri Lanka

Wow, I had the greatest joy reading “Seraphina’s Dream Adventure,” an enchanting children’s book. True to life,
The characters and their adventures burst with energy thanks to the lively illustrations. The narrative is not solely lovable, but it also contains a significant lesson about generosity and friendship. I found it impossible to put it down, and I am eager to share this wonderful book with all the young readers I know in Canada, where I currently reside. For a magical bedtime story experience, highly recommended! 

Lily A.


I came across Sheena’s work, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Her children’s storybook, ‘Seraphina’s Dream Adventure,’ possesses a captivating charm that instantly engages you. This book has truly reshaped my perspective on life with its enchanting words that seem to possess a magical quality of their own. It serves as a wonderful guide for children, encouraging them to embrace the path of positivity and pursue their dreams. I’m excited to share this Stellar work with my nieces and nephews in Nigeria. It’s a very delightful story book suitable to read for all ages.

Opara C. H.


For years, I have been an ardent admirer of Sheena’s remarkable literary contributions. Her latest endeavor, a captivating children’s storybook “Seraphina’s Dream Adventure”, has elevated her to legendary status in my eyes. This beautifully crafted work is a precious gift that I am excited to share with my family in India. Sheena’s literary masterpiece exemplifies excellence, demonstrating her unparalleled talent for conjuring vivid worlds and crafting intricate characters, a truly awe-inspiring feat.

Mohammed A. K.


Discover the Magic

“Seraphina’s Dream Adventure” is a captivating tale that transcends age. It’s a story that ignites the imagination of both children and adults alike. Follow Seraphina, a young dreamer with a heart full of wonder, as she embarks on a quest unlike any other.

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